AutoMfarhanonline Features

17 01 2010


RSS Feed Sources

  • Configure multiple RSS feed sources with the ability to enable or disable individual feeds.
  • Support for RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom 0.3 and 1.0 feeds.
  • Integrated feed caching, HTTP Conditional GET support, and support for GZIP-compression to improve performance and reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Support for dozens of RSS modules including Dublin Core, GeoRSS, ITunes, Media RSS, RSS 1.0 Content, W3C WGS84 Basic GEO, XML 1.0, and XHTML 1.0.
  • Numerous pre-defined searches to locate articles via Apniutube, Areview, Cnews World, Cnews Health, Forex News, Google Blog Search, Technorati, Blogdigger, Blogpulse, MSN Spaces, Yahoo! News, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter.
    general setting
  • RSS Feed autodiscovery–if you don’t know the exact feed URL, just enter the page address and AutoMfarhanonline will find it for you.
  • Built-in feed viewer to help with setting up and troubleshooting feed sources.
  • Ability to override the automatically extracted feed data, such as author or source, with your own static values or values.
  • Set the default post status to Published, Pending, Draft, or Private

Feed Processing

  • Process feeds automatically using built-in pseudo cron feature so an external scheduler is not required.
  • Set a range of intervals for random update scheduling.
  • Manually process all feeds or one feed at a time.
  • Preview feed processing without importing any posts.
  • Disable cron operations without disabling the entire plugin.
  • Allow other feeds to notify your AutoMfarhanonline of updates using an XML-RPC ping.
  • Configure individual feeds to update every time AutoMfarhanonline runs or after every each number of runs you set.
  • Include all posts from each feed, set a limit on posts added per feed, or have AutoMfarhanonline select random posts based on a percentage you set.
  • Automatically create text-only excerpts based on number of words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Post Filtering

  • Domain blacklist blocks posts from certain domains. Excellent way to block sites with spammy content, invalid HTML, or to allow webmasters to exclude their site from your blog.
  • Block posts based on any portion of the URL to prevent posts from a specific type of sites such as forums or to block feeds from certain types of software.
  • Keyword blacklists to exclude posts that contain keywords you specify.
  • Duplicate post checking based on title and/or URL.
  • Automatic filtering of malicious content in posts including SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • Feed-specific filtering based on all words, any words, exact phrase, or none of the words specified.
  • Feed-specific search and replace features using regular expressions to rewrite words, URLs, fix invalid content, replace affiliate IDs, etc.
  • Truncate or filter out posts with long titles.
  • Filter out posts where the titles are in all caps or where they contain multiple consecutive exclamation points or other punctuation.

Categories and Tags

  • Assign each feed to one or more blog categories or subcategories or have AutoMfarhanonline randomly select from a list of categories you specify.
  • Search each post for existing blog categories and add them as additional categories or as tags on the post.
  • Visits the original URL to extract additional tags not found in the feed using our own powerful tagging engine–an important SEO feature that will load your blog with related keywords.



  • Include categories from the original post and add missing categories to your blog if you choose.
  • Tag blacklists prevent certain tags from appearing on a post.
  • Common tags list increases the frequency of popular tags used by Technorati and other tagging sites or modify the list to add important tags for your niche.
  • Provide a list of tags to randomly add to each post to increase the density of long tail phrases and other targeted keywords.
  • Set the maximum and minimum tag length to ensure consistency and readability of your tags.
  • Set the maximum number of tags to add to any post.


  • Specify the author to use for new posts, assign a rando m author or use the name of the original author.
  • If the original author does not exist as an author on your blog, add it, skip the post, randomly pick another author, or specify a default author.


  • Use additional author information from your blog when adding new posts.

Feeds Templates

  • feeds templates let you randomly select from one or more post formats to ensure variety and to accommodate any number of site requirements.
  • Insert variables from the post, original feed, or any values you define.
  • Random Select Lists to add variety to each post.
  • Conditional Select Lists to show alternate fields if one is empty.
  • Include images, video, flash and other content in your blog posts using an embedded video players.
  • Specify a custom player for playing FLV or MP3 files.
  • Build custom post templates to use with affiliate and other non-standard feed formats.
  • Include text-only summaries or entire feed content as your post.
  • Add custom HTML to each post to include NoFollow tags, Javascript, or even WordPress quick tags.
  • Custom fields allow you to create your own post variables and include items as additional custom fields fin WordPress.
  • Automatic image, logo, and favicon extraction.
  • Include any elements from the original feed based on dozens of supported RSS modules.
  • And of course, you can simply show the original feed content untouched.

WordPress Integration

  • Takes advantage of internal tagging and category engines to ensure strong keyword coverage and site navigation.
  • Full integration with WordPress security and user permission features.
  • Attribute posts to WordPress authors when incoming posts use that author’s name.
  • Uses site information from WordPress blogroll when that site already exists in your blogroll.
  • Automatically adds fields for images, videos, and thumbnails to support a variety of premium themes.

Other Features

  • Set the HTTP Referer and User-Agent strings to use when visiting the original sites to advertise your site or provide opt-out instructions or contact info to other webmasters.
  • Huge speed and performance improvements over previous versions.
  • Commented PHP source code included.
  • Support forum and e-mail support for all AutoMfarhanonline users.
  • Free minor version updates included.

System Requirements

  • PHP v4.3.2 or later
  • WordPress v2.5 or later
  • SimplePie Core Plugin v1.1 or later
  • PHP cURL extension required
  • PHP Zlib extension recommended

Note that servers with safe_mode enabled or an open_basedir set will have reduced image retrieval and tagging capabilities.




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18 01 2010
CNEWS - Automfarhanonline Wordpress Plugin

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6 02 2010

nice one, i just made a lot of some other new emo backgrounds in my blog

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